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Visualizing a path for spiritual growth.

Hyperquake has been proud to partner with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati on an ongoing basis for a variety of projects, each with a unique audience and mission.


The simplest path is often the best.

Over the past five years, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has developed a wide array of programs supporting the faith journeys of youth and the adults who serve them. Through training sessions, retreats, discussion groups, and events, these programs encouraged spiritual growth for Catholics of all ages and demographics (e.g. junior high and high school youth, adult ministers, missionaries, and coaches). The diversity of support and programming is a point of pride for the Archdiocese, and for the employees and volunteers who work hard to coordinate it.

However, since these programs developed over time (as is often the case), the complexity of the program architecture had led to fractured messaging. Despite the connections between these initiatives, there was no clearly articulated umbrella under which they all fell, and this confusion can make it difficult for participants to navigate their own paths over time.


Recognizing this challenge, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati approached Hyperquake for an umbrella brand identity that would unify this wide breadth of offerings into one clearly identifiable and navigable brand architecture. The programming was restructured into four key pillars—Youth, Ministers, Missionaries, and Athletics—which would collectively fall under one ownable brand: VIA. The Latin word for “path” or “road” (hence its English derivative, meaning “by way of”), VIA is an appropriate choice of name for an organization that supports and guides the faith journeys of its members.

The VIA icon is rendered in a contemporary, digital “stained glass” style; and the design of the icon itself holds further meaning. Religious imagery has often employed a particular graphic device to inspire hope—radiating rays of light. It’s so powerful, even contemporary political figures have used similar abstractions to reach and motivate their constituents. We felt that this sense of optimism was an appropriate tone to strike for this organization that seeks to light the way for its followers. Reinforcing the “V” in VIA, in an icon that recalls this timeless graphic device, and in a style that implies the light and wonder of stained glass, is the foundation of a brand that we hope will reach and inspire everyone who becomes part of this way of living life —regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.


The story of one miracle, reinterpreted to inspire another.

Nearly a billion people go hungry each day—and yet we live in a world that has enough resources to feed everyone. In December 2013, Caritas Internationalis responded to this injustice and launched its “One Human Family, Food for All” campaign. It aimed to raise awareness of the hunger crisis and end systemic hunger by 2025. Endorsed by Pope Francis, the campaign caught the attention of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, who felt compelled to help achieve that goal. Hyperquake was tasked with creating a concurrent campaign simply named “Food for All” that harkened back to Caritas’ campaign, yet was ownable for the Archdiocese itself. The lofty goal: Collect one million nonperishable food items. 


To design a fitting verbal and visual identity for such a meaningful cause, Hyperquake took a step back to strategize. We needed to define a strong message, through a compelling and relatable story that spoke to the Archdiocese's audience. We knew the campaign would be called Food For All, which tied it to the global campaign, “One Human Family, Food for All.” When tackling a problem as boundless as world hunger, we recognized that the achievement of such a goal would be a miracle. Given the target audience, we thought: “What would better inspire our demographic than to pull such an event from the bible—the story of the Jesus feeding the multitudes.” Working from only five loaves of bread and two fish, the gospel writers recorded that Jesus fed all the 5,000 men who had gathered on a hillside to hear him speak. The symbolism and hope captured in this story transcends political borders and religious traditions. Inspired by the story of this miracle, we developed the tagline: “Be Multiplied.”

The Hyperquake team was proud to partner with the Archdiocese in pursuit of a cause that affects so many, and we're excited to watch how the campaign continues to make an impact, both locally and globally.



The Archdiocese was interested in holding an obstacle run to raise contributions and awareness, but looked to Hyperquake to develop the event with the unique “Food for All” flavor. What would it be called? How would the identity come to life to tie it back to “Be Multiplied”? What would the obstacles themselves be?

With the Food for All visual and verbal system as a starting point, we ideated a new name for the 5K, and developed a sneaker logo complete with hidden symbolism: the fish and the loaf. Hyperquake then delivered additional executions, designed to encourage participation from a broad audience. The obstacle run was a tremendous success; runners and walkers poured out to truly “Defeat Hunger” by pledging food items for their participation.


Called to teach.

Vocare is a new program within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. It’s designed to help Catholic school principals, teachers, volunteer catechists, and parish catechetical leaders deepen their faith through enriching and convenient online classes in the new Catechetical Institute. The Church considers as a “primary task the preparation and formation of catechists.” This formation is the means by which catechists are empowered and equipped to invite the students entrusted to their care “into communion with Jesus Christ.” The Archdiocese approached Hyperquake to create a brand that reflected the gravity and joy of this calling.


Within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, there are seven distinct yet interrelated tasks of Catechesis — comprised of the six tasks of catechesis as defined in the General Directory for Catechesis, and an additional as promulgated by Archbishop Dennis Schnurr. Each task is intended to deepen the relationship with Christ, and collectively they make up the guiding vision of the Archdiocese’s Graded Course of Studies.

Inspired by this structure, the Vocare icon is comprised of seven strands, interwoven to create a holistic pattern. Each strand contributes to the strength of the whole; and without any single strand, the whole is weakened. We felt this was an appropriate metaphor for the mission of Vocare; and we look forward to seeing how the brand is brought to life for members of the Archdiocese.

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