Frameri Eyewear
Identity - Strategy

Changing the world of fashion eyewear – one frame at a time.

In partnership with the Brandery, we helped a young ambitious startup craft their brand strategy and identity, while they provided clarity to the eyeglass industry with a new approach to fashion.

Round two with the Brandery.

With our second partnership with the Cincinnati-based seed stage startup accelerator, The Brandery, we spent 12 weeks with a group of dynamic entrepreneurs who sought out to change the world of fashion eyewear – one frame at a time. This time we had the pleasure of working with two guys that came to town to continue their quest in launching something they call Frameri. Founded by Notre Dame MBA grad Konrad Billetz and business partner Kevin Habich, Frameri looks to be the first interchangeable frame and lens system for prescription glasses, allowing glasses wearers to truly look at their glasses as an accessory, not just a necessity.

A clear vision – ready the horizon.

Crafting a fashion brand from the ground up was a new challenge for us, and one we were very passionate about. From the very start, there was a mutual understanding that in the fashion world, your brand can mean just as much as your product, so we made sure that one informed the other and told the same story. It’s why we crafted a brand inspired by Konrad’s story and approach to life – forever in search of the next horizon. Who cares about tomorrow when today has no end in sight? No situation waits, react with force, and fuck the rear view. Be purposeful, know your direction, but not your path.

The folks at Frameri work their ass off, and it’s great to be a part of their story as they continue to grow. They’ve been featured on Shark Tank, Popsugar, InStyle, and Inc, among others, and are growing their brand and business the right way.

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