Gillette Manhunt
Workshop - Strategy

The best a (modern) man can get.

We continued our collaboration with Gillette to help them articulate how men are evolving today, while shaping the future of the brand — consumer insights, product innovation & portfolio strategy.

The Challenge: How are men evolving today?

We have been working with our friends at Gillette for years on various initiatives, and were asked to create and lead a workshop across multiple functions of the organization to build and synthesize a future vision for the brand through the eyes of today’s modern global men. Thousands of years of evolution have led us here, and even though man’s needs have largely stayed consistent, how they meet them today has changed, based on sociocultural shifts and what men really care about.

Our approach: beyond male grooming.

We created and led a 2-day workshop to distill the opportunities and challenges facing Gillette, both current and future, with a focus on insights of today’s modern men. We brought together a diverse team in and outside of Gillette — from Design, Marketing and R&D as well as an Italian master tailor, a sommelier, a child psychologist, a group of brewers of one of the nation’s fastest-growing breweries, and a group of midwestern teenagers — to distill and build information, trends and mentor brands to reveal what is really happening in the world today to influence men.

Truths, tensions, wants & needs.

Following the Shift workshop, Hyperquake synthesized the information into male truths & tensions, revealing what needs, wants, values and belief systems are shifting, and then created distinct consumer personas to help guide the brand from a human-centered, emotional standpoint – beyond male grooming. Several initiatives grew from our dynamic workshop, which was instrumental as we quickly designed future product concepts, packaging, naming, and global advertising campaign platforms and concepts.

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