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Identity - Strategy

Reveal the intention and spirit behind the cause.

The life of missing UC student, Brogan Dulle, lives on in the spirited mission of 8 Days of Greatness – #gr8nesstbd

One mission defined. Eight Days commemorated.

8 Days of Greatness commemorates and celebrates the way the Cincinnati community came together in May 2014, when over 1000 volunteers, friends and complete strangers, worked together for 8 days and spent countless hours searching for U.C. student Brogan Dulle. Another 20,000 supporters joined the Help Find Brogan Dulle Facebook page, offering words of encouragement, tips and more. Although the outcome was not what all had hoped and prayed for, the outpouring of pure greatness inspired the family to create a campaign that both celebrated the greatness and power of helping one another as well as honor Brogan’s memory.

Our personal mission.

Passionate about the family and the cause, Hyperquake made it their personal mission to develop an identity and supporting elements to represent key attributes of Brogan Dulle as well as inspire 8 days of community acts of kindness and compassion in a world that far too often, focuses on negativity.

What we developed: Identity system, daily GR8NESS icons, design for the tokens of GR8NESS TBD and a movie to play on a 42’ wide by 24.5 tall LED screen on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati as well as up at the University of Cincinnati.

22,000 Acts of Greatness.

This creative inspired GR8NESS to go further than it imagined. 43 states, 2 countries and with over 2600 people registered for the event over 22,000 acts of GR8NESS.

The mission honors the small acts of greatness, which therein lies the power of transformation of individuals and whole communities – Hyperquake is proud to be part of such an amazing effort and encourages all to share their GR8NESS.

Quotes about the work.

“Oh my are the most awesome group of people!” – Beth Dulle
“You injected great energy into our efforts and inspired us again” – Tina MacVeigh

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