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The evolution of our own brand.

We believe in one simple notion – Evolve or Fade Away. Over the last 29 years, we have always taken pride in our craft and will continue to evolve our own brand. This is who we are, our new identity.

Designing for us.

Designing for yourself is never easy – there is never enough time, clients come first, it has to be completely perfect, and there is a lot of pressure to create an incredibly strong identity that embraces everything we believe in with intention and purpose. Over the past few years, our own identity had become tired, fractured, inconsistent, and in some ways, uninspiring. It simply was no longer us. We have had, and will continue to have, new people, new skills, and new beliefs, and we wanted to embrace those into our brand. It was time to practice what we preach to every one of our clients, and redesign our own brand from the inside out.

Starting from our Core.

We are often asked, “What is a Hyperquake? What does it mean?” And although our core values and beliefs remain steadfast, everything else was on the table with this redesign, including articulating our mission, vision, and even what Hyperquake actually means to folks other than ourselves. We decided to simplify.

Our identity – embracing the shift.

We went back to what inspires us – brilliant design and words that actually mean something to us. We were inspired by the science and meaning of old geology books and technical drawings of earthquakes, seismic shifts, and evolution as a whole. At the center of a quake is a shift – the moment a brand or business realizes their true potential – sometimes created, sometimes by unpredictable discovery. Our clients come to us to help them when they’re in the midst of a shift, or when they want to create a shift – often to simplify complex problems to inspire and reveal opportunities to evolve their brand and grow their business on a human level. (This is why our mission is: Simplify. Inspire. Do good.) The shift is also an “H”, and our system is both simple and flexible.

The shift also epitomizes words like Catalyst (change, often unpredictable), Movement (evolution and the ability to move brands & businesses forward), Focus (the intersection of clarity & the unexpected in both brand and business), Energy (the enthusiasm and passion of our culture & our people), Tension (discomfort of evolving/trust, uncovering human insights), and Release (the acceptance of big ideas).

Colors of the earth.

Our colors come from the earth – dark slate, white, gold, and a few shades in between. Gold is timeless – it’s our standard – hewn, like our work ethic. It evokes energy, worth, and is at the core of a quake.

Our site.

We wanted an intuitive site that would grow with us, was responsive, and allowed us to show our clients and partners what we do best. It not only had to be simple, but smart, so we turned to our friends (and former Hyperquake developers) at Modulus to help us build it. We not only feature case studies, but brought in all of our social feeds and blog entries into one home, creating a searchable journal that grows and changes every single day. This is #hyperquakenow.

Evolution never stops.

While we are excited to share our new brand identity, Hyperquake will never stop evolving. We’re not exactly sure where we’ll go from here, but we do know that for the first time in a long time, our brand can finally keep up with our business. We certainly have a lot of friends to thank for helping us get to this point, for helping us shape who we've been and who we are today. Thank you.

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