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Where there is movement, there is life. Where there is change, there is power.

Helping a global lash brand grow more than just lashes — real growth from within.

Competitors – lashing out with an illusion of growth.

Today’s beauty care market is flooded with products claiming they grow your lashes, but none over the counter have the ingredients necessary to deliver on the promise of true “lash growth”. Consumers, however, don’t know the difference. So with rapidly-growing competition, Latisse, the leading growth treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough eyelashes) from global Growth Pharma leader Allergan — and the only FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to grow lashes — asked Hyperquake to help evolve their brand foundation by building an identity that moves past rational benefits to emphasize the emotional connection women have with their eyelashes.

Our approach.

To ensure continued growth and differentiation, Latisse needed to first focus on building the brand from a more emotive place — identifying key insights and needs of consumers that give critical insights to the brand foundation and foresight to new offerings and opportunities for Latisse overall. In order to create a more emotive connection with women, we led ethnographic empathy immersions in Asia and the U.S. to gain an understanding of women, her beliefs, motives and habits for medical aesthetics and beauty care.

We created and led a 2-day Shift Workshop (Plot) to distill the opportunities and challenges facing the brand, both current and future, with a focus on what beauty means to women — exploring today’s women, the competition, and sociocultural trends to evolve the Latisse brand and business.

Results – an ongoing culture of real growth from within.

Leveraging insights from our Shift Workshop, the Latisse team is continuing to evolve and grow the brand from one core – one central vision and purpose. We collaborated to create much more than a pile of insights and ideas for activation and growth; we explored the brand’s visual identity, campaign ideas and tactics, trends, product innovation, and ways to leverage the new brand equity within their own walls, culturally — rallying a brand to become the global leader in lash rejuvenation.

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