Mike Albert
Strategy - Digital - Workshop

Propelling a 60 year old company into the future.

Mike Albert has always understood that moving forward is a necessity of life, their brand just needed to catch up. The ask? Jolt a 60-year-old company to lead the future of the automotive industry.


By 2030, the overall automotive market will hit $6.7 trillion. Almost 30% of this revenue potential will be 
driven by emerging technologies (Visualcapitalist 2018). The Mike Albert company has remained strong and family owned since 1928. As they evolve to stay ahead of a rapidly changing industry they knew they needed an updated brand that could follow suit.


We built off of the unique partnership Mike Albert employees have with their clients to create a path of unified growth for the company. An organized brand architecture with a common driving purpose and a future-focused archetype laid the groundwork for the fearless approach Mike Albert is taking towards the evolving industry.  


Brand Equity Creation // Architecture // Brand Narrative // Brand Character + Tone of Voice // Brand Design // Naming // Website Execution

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