Old Spice Gallery

Dusting off an icon in the Old Spice Museum of Manliness.

Old Spice taps Hyperquake and Landor to bring the iconic buoy bottle and soul of Old Spice to life with a popup experience in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Not your grandfather's Old Spice.

Old Spice has done an incredible job over the last few years to evolve its brand and shift perceptions of the entire male grooming category. Not just your grandfather’s scent anymore, P&G challenged their Old Spice design team to take the iconic buoy bottle and design, decorate or modify it to represent what matters to the modern man, and all the ridiculousness that guys, young and old, could embody in the iconic shape. Hyperquake joined in on the competition and partnered with P&G and Landor's Cincinnati office to create an eclectic “Museum of Manliness” gallery space in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood to display the final buoy bottles and serve as an ideal manly hangout where boys can be boys.


We had a lot of fun with this one and got a chance to take some risks, thanks to the creative freedom in working with the amazing Old Spice Design team – for example, crafting a mandelier by hand-wrapping it in nautical rope; shaving the word “Buoyah” into a wall of fur (celebrating the buoy bottle); a taxidermy matterhorn jumping out of a giant landscape painting of one of Old Spice’s signature scents (Matterhorn); painting a clawfoot tub Old Spice red and filling it with product swimming in gold coins. Finally, the Old Spice Museum of Manliness wouldn’t have a small mantle to display the amazing custom bottle designs by P&G and agency partners; instead it would have a ridiculous 30 foot mantle sitting proudly above a tiny fireplace complete with synthetic wind-blown flame.


The collaborative nature of this project and a long leash of creative freedom from the Old Spice team, really allowed Hyperquake to do what we do best: create. Thanks to all involved, and kudos to agency collaboration in Cincinnati. There is a groundswell of enthusiasm here in town, and we realize that beyond our scope of daily work, we’re a city with immense passion and energy to truly capture the potential of many brands, big and small, who seek Cincinnati for true Brand Evolution.

Components of this installation won several awards, including the Print magazine and Communication Arts design annuals (Landor), and led to Hyperquake creating another immersive installation to bring the entire portfolio of P&G's Male Grooming brands to life for the executive teams to see how the brands relate to each other (including Gillette and Olay for Men, among others) – which was installed in both Cincinnati and Gillette's World Shaving Headquarters in Boston.

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