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Redefining the future of P&G Health Care.

Hyperquake and P&G turned an abandoned research lab into an immersive experiential prototype intended to provoke and inspire Procter & Gamble's global Personal Health Care business with a vision of future products and services embracing scenarios, trends and changing consumer attitudes.

P&G Personal Health Care.

Health Care today is a $5 trillion market, expected to double by 2020. It's big. It's complex. And P&G asked “How can you help?” With the constant change in the world of health care and growing expectations of today’s consumers, we collaborated with Procter & Gamble’s personal health care team to create an immersive installation visualizing their future innovation pipeline, inspiring the business with a vision for what’s possible in the midst of complexity.

External forces.

There are many external forces changing the healthcare landscape – the Affordable Care Act, a consumer mindset shifting to proactive self care, the rise in private label products, strict regulations of the FDA and an aging population, just to name a few. So we dug in to understand what P&G is up against, and what their current innovation pipeline looks like, before studying trends and other brands and industries facing similar challenges for inspiration. We conducted analysis of the competition in the category, a highly regulated industry, where store brands are thriving every day. We came up with the six wellness trends that matter most in context of the landscape, and defined the largest opportunities and threats within the category, which can be broken down to look at allergy, cold & flu, sleep, pain, stomach, digestive wellness, probiotics and vitamins.

Preparing for the unexpected.

One very important area of the experience is an interactive scenario planning section, where P&G asked themselves some tough questions and forced each other to look at the competition and the potential of some transformational thinking in the coming years that will absolutely transform the industry. How would they react? What if completely unrelated brands shifted into their categories and partnered with some of the largest global leaders in healthcare?

The results – future innovation opportunities.

By transforming traditional design strategy and years of research and data from sitting in peoples’ laptops and meeting spaces to come together in an interactive physical experience, the team was able to provoke and inspire the business in new and engaging ways. This culminated in the reveal of over 20 design concepts illustrating possibilities for the P&G Personal Health Care business to touch and improve the lives of consumers – several of which became immediate initiatives, and some moving instantly to go-to-market execution, on shelves in less than 6 months, such as Meta Health Bars.

Out of respect to our clients, due to the proprietary nature of the ideas and concepts created in this experience, we are unable to share much of our innovation work publicly. For more information regarding our product innovation and consumer insight work, please reach out to us to discuss future opportunities, and how we can help articulate your vision.

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