P&G Innovation Studio
Installation - Strategy - Identity

Embracing the culture of innovation inside P&G.

Hyperquake and Procter & Gamble teamed up to turn a newly-renovated collaborative workspace in Cincinnati’s historic Ivorydale into an interactive gallery that visualizes their culture of innovation.

Fostering a culture of embracing risk.

Procter & Gamble’s Design, R&D and Innovation teams within Fabric and Home Care recently renovated a space within its’ historic Ivorydale Technical Center in Cincinnati. This space, one of their global innovation studios, was designed to foster the creative culture within the organization. P&G asked Hyperquake to co-create an immersive installation to welcome people to the new space and engage visitors with the vision for creating future possibilities within the organization, and visualize how P&G gets big ideas to market.

A new space, a new way to work.

By using P&G’s innovation principles as a guide, we wanted to create a bold, interactive experience that would not only invite and educate, but also grow and change over time – inviting people to build and create leveraging rapid prototyping exercises, bringing their culture of ideation into the space. Innovation Studios are meant to be inviting, stimulating, and embrace the unexpected. Teams and visitors are encouraged to build ideas from a wheelbarrow full of kids building blocks, while others draw concepts and detail how principles like rapid prototyping is done within collaborative teams.

Crafting a new identity inspired by 150 year-old artifacts.

We also created a new identity for the Innovation Studio to depict the how P&G’s culture has its’ roots in P&G’s history of innovation. Since 1859, every boat delivering commerce out of Cincinnati carried its share of crates containing Procter & Gamble soaps and candles. A clerk with artistic aspirations sketched a cluster of stars on a crate of candles. Later, a circle was drawn around the stars with an image of the man-in-the-moon. Soon, this became the unofficial trademark for the products, and customers down the river refused to accept the company's candles without the Moon and Stars on the crate. In 1850, P&G officially adopted the Moon and Stars as the official trademark. The identity system for the Innovation Studio is simple and bold, like the space itself.


The Innovation Studio is allowing teams to work differently within P&G. Experiencing this framework in a dimensional way can be very abstract – as innovation is often a messy process by itself. By making P&G’s framework of innovation tangible for teams and visitors, it is allowing people to have dynamic conversations, including teaching new hires the P&G Way.

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