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Selling is an away game.

Hyperquake helped a lead generation agency drop the excess and redefine their brand identity to match their bold personality.

Injecting sales adrenaline.

With an aggressive vision for growth and fostering a culture of progressive sales acceleration, Prspx partnered with Hyperquake to create a strategic brand foundation and identity to keep up with their evolving brand. Prspx is a group of dynamic sales professionals that focus on coaching sales intelligence, creating growth opportunities with demand generation, and sales acceleration – injecting sales adrenaline into B2B organizations by connecting businesses to new clients. Hyperquake was eager to help this sales force create a brand that accurately represented the passion found within the employees themselves.

Selling is an away game.

Our first step was to completely understand their business – their purpose, competitors, and challenges, and how businesses rely on an agency like Prspx. The sales industry is about always being on the frontline of an aggressive industry fraught with rejection and hangups, full of the unnecessary, that begs for simple approaches to building relationships honestly. That’s why we chose to make a statement by dropping several letters from the Prspx name. If you’re going to preach simplicity, live it.

A new identity. One playbook.

For the first time, Prspx has been able to tell their story in a simple way, running from the same playbook. With fewer tools, confusing acronyms and sales processes – they now have a bold, simple, and iconic identity that flexes with their approach to build a sales-driven culture and drive consistency and credibility in a place where it’s often least expected. As a result, Prspx has seen significant results in their own evolution as a business. has seen immediate results, with pageviews up 150% after launch and sustaining at over 17% viewership growth month after month, and a bounce rate decrease of 17%. People are connecting to pertinent content in a much shorter time period, with a new global audience as well.


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