Snyder's of Hanover
Workshop - Strategy

The salt of the earth. The spice of life.

As Snyder’s of Hanover ramped up their future product portfolio, they wanted to get to the heart of their story and create the right products, promotions and experiences that best reflect their culture, while making a genuine connection with everyone who interacts with the brand.

Straight from the core.

Snyder’s of Hanover competes in one of the fiercest aisles in the grocery, the snack aisle. The largest snack category in North America is salty snacks, totaling $28 billion in sales annually, according to Nielsen — dominated today with crunchier, bolder, hotter. What gives Snyder’s the right to win there? What is it about their story that makes them unique and desireable? Our assignment: develop a brand core to ground their entire product portfolio and brand architecture, innovation pipeline, and influence their future marketing strategy.

The ingredients for a cherished recipe.

As part of our discovery process, we led the team in a 2-day Shift Workshop in their home of Hanover, PA – centered around the key elements of creating a compelling story, our human-centered narrative approach to brand building. We call this Plot. We identified the brand’s lead heroes (their consumers), their rewards and barriers, and how the brand (as a mentor), can make an impact on their heroes’ lives. This is their true story — the promise Snyder’s of Hanover makes to everyone who interacts with the brand, from employees to snack-loving families.

The twist.

As an established brand with a rich tradition, we needed to better understand the original promises made to consumers, the original story versus their visionary goals — are they aligned? Digging into the origin story reveals original aspirations of the people who started the brand and in this case, a company. Getting closer to the origin revealed the “why” behind the brand – not just what they create, but why they do it. After conducting stakeholder interviews, existing research and category analysis, we realized that we could come up with more modern promises that don’t contradict the brand, rather enhance its genuineness and authentic heritage.

The plot workshop.

During the workshop, we shared key findings from the stakeholder interviews, the history and origin of their brand as well as trends, competitors, and other impacts to their consumers’ world. We led the workshop with a point of view around where the brand has been, what they believe today and insight to what’s to come. Using these elemental pieces, we work through brand plots/storytelling together. The exercises were designed to inspire, elicit emotional and rational input as well as gain early alignment to the key elements driving the story.

The next chapter: Genuine wholesomeness is always of interest.

There were several phases to this work beyond the workshop, including a competitive audit and architecture study, a brand manifesto, a trend report, aspirational consumers, a communication strategy, and visual articulation of key marketing concepts. Leveraging elements of their origin story while understanding where peoples’ true values lie around snacking today helped us ground Snyder’s of Hanover and their innovation platforms and prepare Snyder’s for the their next chapter — capturing their fair share of the aisle and cart, started by capturing a fair share of their consumers’ hearts and minds.

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