Creating space for human-centered innovation.

We partnered with Whirlpool's Global Innovation team to evolve an office space into The WHRkshop — a space to foster all approaches to innovation, from consumer research and brainstorming to collaborative workshops and prototyping.


Whirlpool's Global Innovation team supports all brands in the Whirlpool portfolio, fostering innovation throughout the company with a proven framework, a thoughtful approach, and a focus on human-centered insights.

The Whirlpool team came to Hyperquake with a vision for a collaborative, multifunctional space — a place where their team could work together to build the future of Whirlpool in small teams, large workshops, and sessions with outside stakeholders. “Flexible” was the name of the game. And though all this functionality was key, it also had to be inspiring. The team wanted a special place to re-introduce the growing role and approach of the Global Innovation Team to the company stakeholders who would visit and work there.


While the Global Innovation Team was centered in Whirlpool's global headquarters in Benton Harbor, Michigan, they offered us a separate space to redesign, a short drive away in St. Joseph. This approach created some distance between the “everyday office” and this new innovation space so that a trip to The WHRkshop is more special than just a walk to a conference room.

The nearly 3000-square-foot space had been left empty years earlier and was ready for a new and useful life. Within the existing structure, with both its constraints and opportunities, we had free reign to activate the space.

Sometimes, to create fresh, new ideas, what you really need is a new space. Providing employees a refreshed atmosphere can disrupt habits, alter patterns of thinking, and open up creative thought. The effect on your team's work can pay back far beyond the initial investment made. Through our collaboration with Whirlpool's Global Innovation Team, it was our intention to prove that fact — to give them all the tools for a fresh vein of thinking, and for sharing that approach with the broader Whirlpool company.


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