The Cincinnati Zoo 'Zoofari'

Raising a glass
to 140 years.

We partner with the Cincinnati Zoo each year to celebrate the animal kingdom during their annual gala, Zoofari. By supporting one of our city’s jewels, we help the animals, the zoo, and the whole Cincinnati community let loose for one special night each Summer.


Zoofari is the Cincinnati Zoo’s largest annual fundraiser. With more than 120 companies, 65+ restaurants and 30 exotic animal encounters, all under a 60,000 square foot tent, it’s no surprise that the attendance includes over 2,500 professional, civic and philanthropic leaders. Zoofari is expected to be a unique gala, worthy of attending year after year. To continue its success, this event must be far from feeling like just another fundraiser. So, we work as a team to develop the unique theme and then co-create with the zoo to ensure their amazing purpose and presence in Cincinnati is felt by every person who sponsors, supports and attends the event. In doing so, we encourage maximum participation and commitment, annually.

This year the zoo tasked Hyperquake with one thing – celebrate the past 140 years of excellence.


The 2015 Zoofari, A Celebration of 140 Years, did not disappoint. It was one of the most extraordinary and memorable nights the city has ever seen. Thanks to the generosity and involvement of those in attendance, the zoo exceeded their fundraising goals that support their initiatives which include the care and sustainability of 500 animals and 3,000 plant species, ground-breaking conservation and reproduction work, and educational outreach programs that reach more than 330,000 students annually.


It’s a privilege for us to work with such an amazing organization like our Cincinnati Zoo – a world class leader committed to creating adventure, conveying knowledge, conserving nature and serving our community. Hyperquake thanks the zoo for entrusting us with the visual inspiration, theme and design execution of all print collateral, and for the inspiring partnership.

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