Plant Blends

Launching a CBD brand to introduce an underrepresented but growing consumer demographic to the category.

True Terpenes, a B2B industry leader, sought to enter the consumer market by leveraging their compound formulas to launch a new premium CBD brand with potent formulas to improve the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Hyperquake and our partners at Verify Venture Studio pinpointed target audiences to test insight-driven value propositions and customer experiences, crafting a compelling brand, tailored for the fast-growing and underserved age 50+ demographic. From naming and messaging to identity and packaging design, Hyperquake facilitated a strategic and compelling launch of a startup brand.

Product & Service Concepts
Minimum Viable Brands
Brand Identity
Narrative & Storytelling
Launch Campaign
Website UX/UI
Verify Venture Studio
Jessica Ebelhar Photography
WT Monarch Nova from Wise Type
names brainstormed for testing
52% in CPA
decrease in CPA achieved during initial pilot
impressions during our in-market pilot
We built minimum viable brands to quickly test in market and learn more about who the potential audience for this product could be. After getting clear results we pivoted on the brand, renamed the startup and quickly launched to take advantage of the white space.
With a growing product list, we needed a strong visual architecture that would impact current as well as future products. We built iconography that was inspired by the primary logomark and rooted in the shape language of the typeface WT Monarch Nova. The colors were important to quickly identify what type of effect each product was promising.
To meet this consumer where they were, we developed a trial kit program as a low entry level into the brand and product. This kit includes three daily doses of the product with the intentions that the user would start their routine and steadily feel the effects and see results.
"You have handled every aspect of our work together with creativity, grace, thoroughness and care. We couldn't be more appreciative and excited to launch Daygold into the world."
Liz Fitz Gerald
Cofounder, Daygold