Building a new brand for a parent company amidst multi-industry expansion through rapid acquisitions.

Systems Integrator CTSI was in the process of acquiring more than 15 different companies spanning fire, security, and systems integration. They asked Hyperquake to help them figure out what to do with their portfolio of brands to accelerate their vision for growth. We developed a strategic roadmap to unify these acquisitions under a new brand, Pavion, without disrupting existing operations or equity. From inception to implementation, we crafted Pavion's identity, value proposition, and messaging to differentiate its service advantage. By consolidating acquisitions into one brand, we optimized offerings to enhance cross-selling and foster over 400% growth since 2020.

Strategy & Planning
Narrative & Storytelling
Brand Identity
Launch Campaign
Website UX/UI
Dev Phase
15+ to 1
unified brands into one cohesive identity
Fortune 500 leads
growth ignited within the first week of launch
We consolidated their portfolio offerings with an emphasis on their ability to provide active protection and connection through expertise. Our design reflects this, portraying security not as a fortress, but a shield for progress.
Building the Pavion website from scratch, we crafted a new user experience with simpler content, storytelling, and navigation between the new brand's combined three  business units in Fire, Security, and Integration.
“Hyperquake continues to be an indispensable partner in helping to build the Pavion brand and transform our business. Their ability to learn and understand our complex industry and, in turn, deliver strategic insights and creative execution has helped us shape a powerful story that resonates both within our expanding walls and with the customers we serve.”
Alan Rosenkoff
Chief Marketing Officer, Pavion