Warped Wing

Propelling sales and brand recognition with new positioning, packaging, and product launches.

Warped Wing Brewing Co. turned to Hyperquake for help with declining sales and inconsistent branding in its IPA-focused lineup amidst fierce competition in the craft brewery market.

Leveraging deep insights, we devised a strategy focused on brand consistency, using a sociable, community-driven narrative to appeal to a broader audience beyond craft beer enthusiasts. To meet market demand, Hyperquake assisted in naming, designing, and launching the brand's new hard seltzers, sodas, and its inaugural light beer offering, Fly Light Lager. To drive awareness, we launched a Fly Light campaign, a co-branded sponsorship with the University of Dayton's NIL Collective, Dayton 6th, elevating both brands and expanding their presence within University of Dayton Athletics and fans in the community.

Strategy & Planning
Narrative & Storytelling
Brand Identity
Launch Campaign
Website UX/UI
Luis Cavalcanti - Illustration
Eric Hintz - 3D Motion
Tara Spoores - Product Photography
placement in UD Arena for all basketball games, increasing draft taps and can placements, including suite holders and loft hosts
new placements in Kroger and Meijer, building recognition in new retail partners
the success of Fly Light and Dayton6th NIL collaborative has inspired other local collaborations, scaling growth for Dayton 6th, UD Athletics, and Warped Wing
To enter the growing Seltzer market, we created a unique and expandable can design inspired by early 20th-century poster art, paying tribute to the era of the Wright Brothers while differentiating from the brands with tall white cans spanning the category.
In creating a line of products for a growing non-alcoholic market, we designed Warped Wing's soda lineup, distinguishing it from their beers and seltzers while maintaining cohesion with the overall brand.
By applying a distinct yet harmonious design to glass bottles and paper labels for its limited release products, the brand allowed loyal customers to distinguish both the products and themselves from the brand's flagship cans.
The Launch of Fly Light

Hyperquake named, designed, and launched Warped Wing's first light beer, Fly Light Lager, seizing a significant sales opportunity and expanding its audience reach. Approachable yet refreshingly distinct, Fly Light stands out in the competitive light beer market. As strategic partners, Hyperquake facilitated collaboration between Warped Wing and NIL collective, Dayton 6th, enhancing brand awareness within the Dayton community and University of Dayton Flyers basketball. The co-branded launch boosted sales, media coverage, and engagement with UD Athletics. Warped Wing increased its presence within UD Arena with the new light beer offering.
"The team at Hyperquake are wizards. This brand refresh is more reflective of our rich history and spirit of invention. It really celebrates the classic and simple elements that feel authentic to who we are and that differentiates us from other breweries."
Nick Bowman
Co-owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Warped Wing Brewing Company