Chris Brill

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Chris Brill loves numbers. More than that, he loves how numbers tell a story. In fact, some of the greatest real-life stories are numbers stories: The Moon Landing, The Manhattan Project, the code-cracking of Alan Turing, the capture of Al Capone… Numbers rule. And Chris has always led with them. With over 10 years of experience running Steck Manufacturing Company, turning it into a highly successful and highly profitable organization, Chris combines a company president's leadership and a CPA's precision into his work today. His focus on financial and internal operating controls empowers teams around him to pursue ambitious goals and activate their vision. Chris is a member of many professional associations and local causes that are important to he and his wife, as they continue raising their three children in the Dayton, Ohio area. Stepping back, Chris is about family, community, and doing what you love. When you focus on that, the numbers tend to work themselves out.

Numbers don’t lie.


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