Colin Crotty

CEO & Partner

Colin Crotty believes everything can and should be made better. That includes businesses, people and great stories. As the CEO of Hyperquake, he spends his time obsessing about the future. “How can we grow? What’s next? What’s best?” These are the questions that keep Colin up at night. As a result, his vision is reshaping how some of the top companies in the world think about their work. Colin deeply believes his team’s job is to move people in order to move product for clients. His enthusiasm and passion for life are evident at home, at work, and in the community with friends. Colin brings a unique voice to our industry – maybe because he spent the first part of his career as an industrial launderer. (No, really.) When he’s not in the office or with clients you can find Colin on the field, the lake, the court, or in the backyard with his three kids and wife, Emily (a recovering attorney who runs a few businesses of her own).

Truth should never be complicated or difficult.


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New Work
JCI OpenBlue Innovation Center
Johnson Controls collaborated with us to lead the highly ambitious design and architectural development of the new Innovation Center.