Molly Baker

Director of People Operations

Molly Baker invests in people. As the Director of Operations at Hyperquake, she finds the most talented, inspiring individuals in the industry to join our team while running the internal programs and processes that keep the business running at its best. It’s a huge job, and Molly brings huge joy, determination, and grit to the office every day to make it happen. She’s basically Wonder Woman. Every conversation with Molly is open, transparent, and inspires trust. At work and at home, Molly cultivates a culture of closeness through music, fun, dance-offs, and parties. She fills her spare time (remember, Wonder Woman) with family time and the occasional DIY project.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.


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New Work
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Johnson Controls collaborated with us to lead the highly ambitious design and architectural development of the new Innovation Center.