Greenworks Tools

Powering Sustainability, Driving Green Growth, and Leading the Charge in Eco-Friendly Innovation

Greenworks sought to evolve their rapidly-growing brand, increase sales in key retail channels, and establish themeselves as leaders in the eco-friendly outdoor power equipment category. We helped propel them from a product-led to marketing-focused organization, achieving 193% revenue growth in 12 months.

Despite their marketing attempts over the years, Greenworks struggled to build brand equity, underperforming compared to their category. We focused on increasing brand recognition while developing a customer acquisition and retention marketing strategy to drive growth.

After leading their successful strategic entry into Tractor Supply Co. our collaborative multi-year partnership grew to help Greenworks redefine their holistic brand strategy and identity, simplify their global packaging strategy, drive growth with multiple omnichannel campaigns, and win with key retailers and consumers, setting a new standard for sustainable success.

Strategy & Planning
Brand Identity
Narrative & Storytelling
In-Market Strategy & Execution
Launch/Awareness Campaigns
Growth Strategy
Fractional Growth Consulting
Audience Acquisition
Paid, Earned & Owned Media
Martech Infrastructure
Attribution & ROI Modeling
Lab42 Research
Greg Latza
Unify Visual Marketing
Increase in profitable revenue growth in 12 months
Return on ad spend
Increase in YoY in-store sales, driving negotiation power with retail product placement
Increase in Lowe's in-store sales
Attributed store visits from advertising
Charge Onward

Greenworks had an exclusive opportunity to introduce their 60-volt lineup of products into the Tractor Supply Co. So we developed a strong campaign to help consumers notice Greenworks and better understand cordless, battery-powered technology in outdoor power equipment—something they were skeptical of.
Unifying and Differentiating Greenworks' Visual Identity in Market

With Greenworks' strong vision for growth and a robust innovation pipeline, they needed help pulling all assets together to create consistency at all touchpoints. We helped them evolve their entire global brand identity across multiple product lines, subbrands like Greenworks Commercial, retailer-specific executions, and redesigned their packaging. We also helped them create a massive photo and video library, leading multiple on-site photo and video shoots to highlight their product portfolio with authentic storytelling.
Brand & Audience Development

We revitalized the brand with enhanced storytelling, packaging, and a clearer definition of their target audience to drive all marketing strategies and tactics. We built an affiliate marketing program leveraging 134 affiliates to drive ecommerce sales, with an 8X return on ad spend (ROAS), representing 20% of all Greenworks ecommerce sales in just 5 months.
Brand Activation and Performance Marketing

We developed an approach to validate Greenworks as a brand and reach their newly-defined audience segments to drive both in-store and online sales. Influencers helped Greenworks build trust and drive trial among an audience that is typically overly loyal to their tool brand.

Influencer Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Public Relations
Paid Social & Digital Media
Retail Marketing
Lifecycle Marketing
"While our largest retailer's other product lines were declining across the board, Hyperquake's strategic approach enabled our product lines to produce record growth."
Mark Sewall
Senior Director of Marketing Greenworks Tools