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A four-floor experience illuminating science as a service for improving health by unlocking the power of the human genome.

Illumina engaged Hyperquake to bring to life their mission of improving health by unlocking the power of the genome in their new Executive Briefing Center.  The goal of the EBC is to empower visionaries around the world to uncover answers and make life-changing advances.

Hyperquake's role included creating a storyline, customer journey, experiential design and digital and interactive content for their new Executive Briefing Center within the Illumina headquarters campus in San Diego. In addition, Hyperquake brought their storyline of "Science in the Service Of" to life with interactive "decoding" graphic activations throughout the entire four-story building further supporting the advancement of genomics to transform human health and the world.

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Ray King
first ever executive briefing center experience for Illumina
pieces of dichromic glass in Ray King's “IllumaLens” glass sculpture installation
Hyperquake worked alongside of Illumina to imagine how their story would come to life in the EBC. Over the course of two years, from early concept illustrations to opening, the EBC became a content rich, dynamic experience for Illumina’s customers. With a floor plan inspired by the double helix, the materials, content, and digital experience were all a reflection of their storyline, at every level.
We worked with Illumina to create a robust library of custom content for their new EBC, showcased in engaging ways throughout the first floor immersive exhibit area, reflecting the storyline and respective chapters that Hyperquake put together.

This included ambient digital content, on-cue video interviews, an interactive slider bar wall and table, and static graphic content.
At the center, there is a three-story stair designed by the architect of record, ZGF. To complement the stair, Hyperquake commissioned artist Ray King to design and build a piece that is unique to Illumina and inspired by their mission.

Titled “IllumaLens,” the hand installed piece is made of over 5,000 pieces of dichromic glass intended to catch the sunlight and evolve over the course of a day. The relationship between light and the dichromic glass parallels the theme of “light” in Illumina’s brand and technology.
Partway through the project, Illumina felt like there was an opportunity to carry the storyline into other areas of the building. The idea was to create unique, thoughtful, and engaging ways to enhance the experience and inspire a sense of wonder. Designing with intention.

Our concepts brought the story back to its foundation—that Illumina’s mission is built on the element of discovery. With inspiration from some of the first pioneers in genomic science, areas of Illumina’s impact in genomics, and the play on DNA sequencing being an activity of “decoding”, Hyperquake created a series of over 10 bespoke Environmental Graphic Design pieces designed to engage both visitors and employees.

Hyperquake designed a “Decoding Moment” for each floor of the Illumina EBC. Each can be solved into inspiring quotes by famous scientists throughout history while also playing into key themes of Illumina’s brand.
“The Executive Briefing Center will be a powerful tool to further the advancement of genomics to transform human health around the world.”
Michael Herren
Director of Global Executive Briefing Program, Illumina