Pure Romance

Redefining a global company to bring women's wellness to life.

Pure Romance, known for their sexual health education, beauty products, bedroom accessories, and fun parties—wanted women to know they have a lot more to offer as they continue to inspire women to enhance their intimate lives and take charge of their sexual health and wellbeing. They knew they wanted a packaging redesign, but ultimately they wanted to elevate and reposition their brand in order to grow and retain their audience, provide a more premium customer experience, empower their B2B partners with technologies and tools, and streamline and simplify processes.

In our collective ambition, we seized the larger opportunity to redefine Pure Romance's vision and bring a new view of women's wellness to life across six brands. We built a confident new identity and launched immersive experiences to attract the modern consumer and shift brand perception, uniting under the insight that their market is bigger than bedroom toys. We're selling wellness that helps people feel confident and alive, from the products they use to the guidance they seek.

Minimum Viable Brands
Strategy & Planning
Narrative & Storytelling
Brand Identity
In-Market Strategy & Execution
Immersive Storytelling
Activations & Live Events
Battles Creative
BBK Design
Watchdog Productions
Krystie O’Brien Productions
Plan B Productions
Lightborne Communications
new brands created within a new brand architecture, including growth in skin care, healthy living, luxury, and men's collections
packages refreshed in 9 months, with in-depth guidelines for each brand across marketing, collateral, and media assets
Hyperquake modernized packaging, uniting diverse product lines with vitality and confidence, while ensuring gender-neutral expression and transparent ingredient lists.

In months, we refreshed 120 packages and provided detailed execution guidelines, ensuring consistent digital marketing.

This culminated in our execution of the brand's biggest launch event in its history.